Welcome message to spa facilities

Hello every one of our Infospa international network. My name is Roxana Nicula and, from now one, I'll be the person you would want to talk to when it comes to your spa's performance inside our directory.

I am expert in web marketing policies and tecniques and my role is to help all of our members to better enhance their spa presence on the Internet. I know that most of you leave all this technical and Internet-related terminology to your tenchnical support but I strongly believe that in order to take the most of it out of the Internet economy, you must learn yourselves a little more on how things develop in this new economy. Like it or not, Internet is becoming more and more the main scenario for all commercial transaction and I believe that any spa would want to grab a piece of this new and increasing market share.

This blog has been created as an answer to all Infospa members that repeatedly asked us to assist them with their spa centres' websites. Infospa wishes to help all spas that want to better use Internet in order to grow their business with the help of our portal. So, from now on we hope this blog will get together Infospa staff and members to unite efforts in:

1. Turning as much visitors as possible into spa clients for our members.
2. Learning to improve spas' Infospa pages by keeping them up-to-date, following our guidance.
3. Making Infospa the major free spas index worldwide to render the best service to both spa consumers and spa centres.

And for those spa centres who wish to become part of our project, we shall be waiting for their applications by simply accessing Infospa's suggest a spa page.

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