Chance to improve your spa centre's page inside Info Spa

Video link will improve the visibility of any spa that decides to join Infospa or is already a member of our online spa platform. Presenting a spa facility on video will certainly increase the chance of beeing seen by many potential clients. Spa centers have now the chance to work on their online presence without spending anything.

Every Info Spa member will now have the possibility to add a video file of their centre presenting their thermal services, beauty treatments as well as the entire staff, therapists and facilities. Until now, every spa member who joined this directory has had the possibility of publishing on an exclusive page apart from their details like adress, phone, fax, email, website also three images of the spa as well as a description of their treatments, facilities and other services.

This new step, spa video file, is thought to be a more reliable web marketing tool designed to help Infospa members to better enhance their online presence and at the same time it will be of great assistance to the public at large. Therefore, for those spa centres that haven’t had the chance to know this ambitious platform by now, the time has come to join in and increase their possibilities of finding more clients via Internet.

General information for spas that want to become members of Info Spa:

The membership is free of charge. However, there is a clear distinction between limited membership and full membership. The limited membership offers to spas the possibility of publishing on Info Spa their primary details: adress, phone, fax and e-mail. The full membership offers the chance of displaying more details such as photos, website, large description of spa’s services and from now on also a video file presenting the spa. None of these two memberships costs anything, but if a spa wants a full submission to Infospa, they will have to comply with a few conditions that will be specified in due time, once a spa presents a request for its inclusion in this spa directory. These conditions are not cost-related whatsoever but more of web marketing strategy necessity, a strategy it is meant to be beneficial both for spa centres and for Info Spa.

Technical specifications for those of you who will want to benefit from this new web marketing tool:

Video should weigh a maximum of 100 megabytes and should come in one of the following formats: AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media and MPEG.

When you will send your video file please make sure that you specify in your message title the name of your spa as listed in Info Spa and also the city in order to make it easier for our staff to add the new information as soon as possible.

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