Infospa is not your spa competitor!

Hello everyone, recently some spas have sent to me emails with the worry that linking to Infospa would mean linking to their competitor. This is completely WRONG.

Infospa is not a spa centre that will eventually rob you of your spa guests, but a platform, an environment where a great number of thermal facilities unite and display as much information as possible related to their own facilities and services.

Being listed in Infospa means:

1. Having better chances to appear in many Internet spa-related environments.
2. Dispose of your own exclusively dedicated web page where you can publish not only one or two things like in a Yellow Pages, but you can actually inform your potential spa guests on list of services, prices, description of your spa facilities, video, pictures of your centre...
3. There is a good deal of possibility the Infospa page fully dedicated to your spa is better programmed, optimized and managed to have greater Internet visibility than your own page.
4. Your spa centres gets to have the support of one of world's spa platform leaders and you don't have to pay anything.

I hope my answer satisfies all of you who have expressed their fear of something to do with competititon and we are looking forward to have you on board.


  1. It is absolutely correct and I don't understand why anyone could've thought this platform to be a competitor. I've subscribed my business, SPA CENTER, to Infospa one year by now and I must say that at least 20 new customers have learnt about me when they stumbled upon this website on the Internet.

  2. At first some spa centers felt threatened by this directory but soon they've all realised that Infospa can help them a lot to become more present on the internet. Let's hope more and more spa centers join the platform for their own benefit and for the potential spa goers who are using Internet as their prime information environment.