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Hello to everyone at Infospa.org

This chapter of our blog is to teach all of you, whether you are small spas, thermal bath facilities or a big wellness centres how to deal with your image on the Internet. It isn't easy to grab a piece of this new cake called e-economy and that is why at Infospa.org we are comitted to support all our members to stay up front and have a great online presence. A part from our pride that you are a part of this great family we've created, we realize the importance of our members being well-positioned in Google, Yahoo and other search engines and directories. Because if you succeed to implement what you learn here, rest assured that you will gain benefits for your spa online presence in the long run. While some of you are familiarized to issued such as SEO, SEM, web marketing, SERPs, many of you have no idea what I'm talking about here and therefore, when you hired your IT company to build you your website you didn't know what your website should be like in terms of a better Internet presence.

In my conversations with some of you I've realized this lack and while I know it si rather difficult for you to begin all over again and rebuild your spa facility's website, there are some things you are in time to do even if your website hasn't been properly optimized from the beginning.

For instance, the presentation or description of your website is fundamental to be found by visitors performing online search. While texts like: We are proud to be a spa that is located ... and offers quality services and a great team of professional..., pure literature that do not interests search engines algorithms who will ultimaltely list your website at the bottom of the search results, try something like:

"Name+spa is a thermal facility offering -you must mention some of the services your spa has to offer-, then don't forget to speak about your town associated to some of the following formulas:


thermal bath

thalassotherapy (if your centre has such services)


and so on".

Then, make sure your website has at least title, description and keywords meta tag in the code area of your website. This is simple. You can access your browser "View" option in the upper bar and from there you select the function named "Source". You have to do this while you have already opened your spa website in your browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Avant, Opera etc. Don't panic when you see that endless programming code in front of you. Just press Ctrl+F and write in the window that opens the following texts:

  1. To visualize the function related to your website title write: "title" and see where it leads you. This text published along the word title is as your website name appears to Google Yahoo etc.

  2. To visualize the function related to your website description write: "description" and see where it leads you. This text published along the word description is as your website presentation or description as it appears to Google Yahoo etc.

  3. To visualize the function related to your website keywords write: "keywords" and see where it leads you. This words or expressions published along the word keywords represent your website defining keywords as it appears to Google Yahoo etc.

If your could not find all these functions then you have two options if your really want to make the most of it from your Internet presence:

a) Re-buid your website!

b) Use your page at Info Spa to promote your spa facility.

I'll get back to you on this chapter as there are more things you need to learn.

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