How to improve your spa's visibility

From we have noticed that many website's of spa salons, spa centres and even spa resorts are using flash. While it certainly looks good on your website, we advice you try and limit that as much as possible. If you are a flash fan, avoid by all means to start your home page with it. If your website on thermal facilities has incorporated this program, make sure to let us know by writing to us so we can skip the part which displays the flash and post on your page with Info Spa another web page of your website.

Search engines are encountering difficulties when it comes to read and interpret well the flash and therefore your website presenting your spa services may not be so well read by their algorithms. It is fundamental that your site is as open as possible in order to atract as much traffic as possible, thus new clients. Your page is not just a simple business card but it is the main counter in the virtual world. Start considering it as such and know this: every day more people are turning to Internet to solve their daily routine. And some of them might be looking for a spa where to relax so why shouldn't it be yourse? Info Spa can assist you and teach you how to better take advantage of this new economical environment.



  2. I tried twelve different MAJOR cities and got no hits for any of them.

    This is a dud!