Video file, recommended web marketing tool for all spas

Internet has evolved into a much more complex business environment than anyone could ever imagine some years ago. So every spa should learn to take advantage of this whole new universe of marketing possibilities to atract more spa guests to their facilities. A powerful tool can be the video file that any spa centre can create with the help of a digital recording camera or even one of those digital photo camera which have video option.

Usually, here at we recommend our spa members to provide us a video file showing their thermal facilities as well as their specialized spa therapists and other staff taking into account the followings:

1. Video file format that work well on Internet and don't delay the uploading time, which is essential both for the technical team doing the upload as well as for the final viewer and potential spa guest:

Windows Media

Don't be afraid while reading this techy terminology, I mention it in order for you to know where to search in your instructions manual before creating your video file for those spa centres that prefer to make their in-house video file. Usually most video camera support these formats so there should be no problem.

2. Once you have shot the video you will have to download it on a computer to turn it into a compressed file so it shouldn't ocuppy too much while sending it via e-mail. So when you transfer your spa video on the computer, make sure that the extension of the file comprises one of these codes:

.mod are.

3. Avoid Flash files. I know they look nice for your visitor's eye but remember Flash is very tricky when it comes to improve your spa website Internet visibility and in the end that's all that matters. More exposed your website is, better chances a higher number of visitors find it and some of them will be your target as a potential spa guest for your thermal facilities.

4. Most important: comprise the video file into a .rar or .zip and send it to Infospa so we can add it to your spa page in our portal but you can also use it to ad it on other online communities that might be directly oriented to spas and other thermal topics.