Infospa etiquette

For all our spa members at Info Spa, I'd like to state a few basic rules they should take into account when getting in touch with our team in order to process as fast as possible their requiries:

*Always state the name of your spa and your town in the title of your message. This will allow our staff to easily and quickly determine who you are and begin processing your request.

*Bear in mind that Infospa is a free spa-dedicated portal and therefore your spa centre may ask for assistance on a limited level due to a better optimisation of our efforts to provide our visitors with the best and most updated information on thermal facilities worldwide. Should you require a more extensive attention paid to your spa page in this spa directory, you will have to be prepaired to pay for it. For instance, if you want a link leading directly to your reservation form, this would be a paid option. But if you just want to add more treatments and prices to your page, this would be a free of charge option.

*Always use a respectful language when adressing to Info Spa personnel, remember they are here to assist your thermal centre but also spa guests in search for an option to relax. Info Spa together with Spa Finder and Spa Index are the main international channels to present your services to customers all over the world.

*When you fill in the application form to become a member of INFO SPA publish as much details as possible on your spa centre, give an extensive and correct description of your spa facilities and provide up to three representatives images of your spa.

*A good thing when applying for a dedicated page inside Infospa is to publish a list of your treatments and their prices.

*Avoid short descriptions of one or two lines like: Our spa is great. (without explaining what your spa has to offer and speaking a little on the services and facilities)

*When submitting a description to Info Spa, do not use the first person: our spa, we are etc. It is best to talk about the spa in third person.

*Always use at least one time the complete name of your spa throughout the description. It is highly relevant that Infospa users catch your spa name this improving you the chance to get noticed by them.

*Study the possibility of posting personalized advertising campaigns on your city page in Infospa as our prices are very competitive and our traffic is exclusively spa-oriented, thus with the best relevance ever to your commercial interests.

These are the main guidelines any spa should tak into account when becoming a member of INFO SPA. So it is important to remember them and in order to to that, make a bookmark of this page in your favorites:

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